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The RealForce R2 Keyboard is back in rotation

I’d nearly forgotten I had this Realforce R2 keyboard. It’s a great keyboard. Here’s what I like:

  • It has actual function and arrow keys
  • Topre switches! (the best switches in the world, imo)
  • It’s very solidly built
  • It looks nice. Simple, and not overwrought and aggressive like some other “fancy” keyboards.
  • Variable-force keys are nice. Certain keys are easier to press based on location and frequency.

But I stopped using it because…

  • I’m too used to the layout and size of the HHKB. This would go away, but it’s really frustrating at first.
  • The lighter-pressure variable-force keys might be too light. I sometimes hit a key by accident just by resting my finger on it.
  • It’s pretty thick
  • It’s too big. It’s not big, but I’m used to the little 60%-er and having arrow and other keys off to the right there puts the mouse farther away than I’m used to. I feel off-center. Same thing applies to the Esc key. It’s way over there.

It would be perfect if I wasn’t so adapted to the HHKB. Still, I’m giving it another go, just for fun.