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Thinking through Blot.im vs Micro.blog for most of my blogging

Thoughts around moving my baty.blog posts from Blot to Micro.blog have been pestering me for weeks. Photography-related posts will most likely remain at Copingmechanism.com.

Let’s think about it what I like about each service as a primary blog:

What I like about Blot

  • Blot uses local Markdown files, manageable by Git.
  • I can edit Blot posts locally using any text editor
  • Blot has some nifty additions that assist with layout
  • Posting images to Blot could not be easier
  • New Blot posts and edits show up almost immediately
  • Using Dropbox for sync and storage comes with built-in backups
  • I prefer more of Blot’s built-in themes, although I’ve customized mine.
  • It’s simple and quick to preview different themes

What I like about Micro.blog

  • I spend time on Micro.blog daily, and the New Post button is right there
  • I can also use MarsEdit for posting. I love MarsEdit and want to use it for longer posts.
  • And for short posts, nothing beats Micro.blog
  • Webmentions are built-in
  • There’s an automatic Photos page provided with most templates
  • I can more easily post both longer and “micro” (title-less) posts
  • It means I don’t have 2 different places for posting stuff

OK, how about concerns?

  • Both services manage rendering and hosting for me. If a service “goes away” I’m on SOL the hosting front, but both offer good ways of getting stuff out so I’m not worried about actually _losing_ anything.
  • Content posted to Micro.blog feels “farther away”. This is mostly my imagination but it still itches. I don’t feel as able to manipulate things as directly as I can with Blot.
  • I’ll need to relearn templating when using Micro.blog, but I’m already familiar with Hugo templates, so it shouldn’t be too big a stretch.

Lots to consider. The biggest win with Micro.blog is that I could stop supporting two separate systems and workflows. I was a little worried that micro posts might drown out the regular posts but since I do most of my nonsense-posting on the wiki this is less of a concern.

I’m typing this post in MarsEdit and posting to Micro.blog. This is the setup I’m leaning toward. Hello!