Upgrades always make me nervous.

Arcane is not at all the kind of show I’m interested in. And yet, after 3 episodes I’m completely hooked. It’s just beautiful.

I’m feeling very analog this morning. This tends to happen after an evening of making prints in the darkroom. Too much creative output is only visible behind glass. I like things I can actually touch.

Brett Terpstra updates one of my favorite utilities: Doing 2.0

The Bad Guys continue to win while the Good Guys are off in a corner distracting themselves by bickering about whether it’s problematic to use the phrase “Good Guys”.

Every time I think I want to dip my toes back into web development, the first thing I’m told is to type 1,000 things that start with npm install ... and I’m turned off already. I should just get over it but blech.

I went to a bookstore yesterday: baty.blog/2021/11/1…

I love how I get to call my random pile of notes a “Knowledge Graph” now. Overthinking note-taking is a fun hobby.

A reminder that this is my dream office. (scan of found negative given to me by my brother in law, so this office is somewhere local. Or was.)

Am I bored? Yeah, maybe a little.

I started bingeing “Final Space” on HBO and I feel like it’s one of those shows I shouldn’t like but I kind of love it. I’m going with “guilty pleasure”.

The word “Evil” is too often used when what one means is, “not something I approve of.” Settle down.

Even ISO 3200 film can’t save me at a restaurant. copingmechanism.com/2021/from…

It’s not an every day camera, but as beautiful as the Linhof is, it doesn’t need to be. Just looking at it makes me happy.

Me, in a nutshell.

Time for some fresh chemistry

I handled this roll backward. I made silver gelatin prints in the darkroom first, then scanned the prints. It’s actually less work than scanning negatives. Ok, no it isn’t.

This may not be the fastest or most convenient way to go through my photos, but I sure enjoy it.

I suspect that the life I’m looking for is one that involves no “package manager” of any kind.

TiddlyWiki really is a remarkable bit of software. I’m reminded of this daily.

I don’t enjoy making contact sheets, but I love having them.

The internet was down for a short time earlier and for a second there I thought maybe I’d be forced to do something useful today but it came back so never mind

The thing I like about omg.lol is that I don’t get the feeling it’s trying too hard. Similar services have an air of LinkedIn-inspired desperation to them. I’m now redirecting baty.net to baty.omg.lol