/Users/jbaty/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs is a bullshit place to make me keep files

It’s possible that the worst thing for my productivity was thinking, “But what about when I’m on my phone?”. Worrying about software being cross-platform has closed more doors than it has opened.

Dusted off my Tinderbox Daybook again. I was immediately reminded how crazy powerful Tinderbox is for anything involving words. baty.blog/2021/11/0…

I have yet to see evidence of a sane conversation around the behavior of cyclists vs car drivers. And why does the “vs” seem mandatory?

I have been harshly evaluating software license/subscription renewals as they come due, but I never question @eastgate’s Tinderbox. After more than 15 years it remains the most widely useful “tool for thought” on my Mac.

As a long-time Vim user, I end up accidentally typing a lot of slack messages like this.

Succession is turning into a cartoon

I love that old-school bowling alleys like this still exist. Six lanes. Manual scoring using grease pencils and overhead projectors. Ashtrays!

Did Instagram suddenly start displaying photos much larger in the web UI? They seem bigger alluvasudden.

The best tweets are always the ones that point to something else

I’m trying to avoid playing with new things if they also introduce new long-term dependencies.

TiddlyWiki and now Drummer have helped me realize that I don’t really want to capital-B “Blog”, and I don’t want to just Tweet either. I want to sort of narrate my day, in whatever form that might take. Images, short text, long text, whatever.

I’m quite satisfied with Drummer for most of the things I write that can be public. I find it liberating not having to decide whether or not I should create a link for just about every word. Zettel schmettel.

Canceling subscriptions is very satisfying

Mantra for today ( from Thomas Paine): “The more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered”

Good morning

Remember earlier when I thought I knew what kind of day it was going to be? Well, no.

I had dreams once

Oh, I see what kind of day this is going to be.

Oh, I see what kind of day this is going to be.

Oh dear, I “accidentally” opened Mutt this morning. Now I’m up to my neck in .muttrc for no good reason.

OMG, I’m so in love with the restored Tabs in Safari’s latest that I’m giddy. This must be the week where we all feel GREAT because Apple is giving us back the stuff they’d recently taken away.

Kind of defeats the purpose of having such a small camera

So help me if Facebook changes its name to something that mucks up my searches

I’ve decided to run my Drummer blog at baty.blog. I like the domain. It’s short, eponymous, alliterative, and won’t be confused with the wiki. Now to fix the internal links and put in some redirects. (UPDATE: Dave has fixed a bug preventing the internal links from reflecting the urlBlogWebsite attribute so all is well again)