D’ya ever wake up irritated with the entire universe? Happened to me today, so I may need to ignore everything and everyone for a little while.

See, the thing with digital is that I can’t help but turn the dials up just a smidge too high.


Reading the release notes for Org mode 9.5 reminds me how much stuff there is in Org. Everything, basically. orgmode.org/Changes.h…

I know I should be waiting for whatever read-later thing Readwise is making, but for five bucks GoodLinks is quite nice. No account (iCloud sync to everything), nice reader mode, and automation, etc. It’s only been a couple days but it’s working great for me.

Trying Safari 15 (again) on my Mac today. I can now disable the new and wildly unnecessary tab bar colors, so that’s better. But, until they fix the tabs themselves, I won’t be staying. Like Marco wrote, “My web browser now always looks like a UI-rendering bug.”

“double-charm tetraquark” is a pretty cool name

I wish the Letterboxd people would build a version for books.

Trying something new on the office wall. I like to change things up, so this should help. Not sure I like the looks of it, but we’ll see.

Dan Seifert is absolutely right about Apple’s terrible decision to omit a power button from the AirPods Max. I hate being able to just turn them off. twitter.com/dcseifert…

I like skimming through my photo library.

“Squid Game” is not the kind of show for me. On the other hand, I can’t get enough “Fauda” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faud…

Well darn, I’m going to be on the road during today’s Gardens and Streams II event so I’ll have to miss it. Someone take notes!

As a left-handed person, I feel like the Pencil attaches to the wrong side of the new iPad Mini.

How many times will I look at a show on Rotten Tomatoes and think, “Well, that looks pretty good!” and later realize I’d already watched the entire season? There’s a lesson in there. Somewhere.

I’ve always liked this photo of my Niece from 2010. Kodachrome. Camera unknown.

Just render the HTML on the damn server and send it to me.

Found my Vivian Maier film spool, finally. It’s a silly thing, but I think it’s neat.

Occasionally, I’ll try switching out the HHKB and using the Realforce R2 instead, since it has arrow and function keys and a normal layout. It only ever lasts a couple hours. I love the HHKB too much, even with its weird layout, etc. I should sell the R2, but it’s so nice!

I like too many things. Yay for me, but things would be simpler if I didn’t.

Apropos of our Kobo thread yesterday, from LibraryThing this morning, an interview with Michael Tamblyn, the CEO of Rakuten Kobo. blog.librarything.com/2021/09/a…

/cc @Cheri @pimoore

Feeds Mage (from the Mailbrew folks) helps you “discover great blogs lost in your Twitter timeline”. Add them to Mailbrew or download an OPML file. Neat! www.feedsmage.com

Re-scanned some of the Kodachromes I shot before it went away: copingmechanism.com/2021/some…

Finally got around to creating a memorial book for my German Shepherd, Zim. He died in 2014, so it’s about time!

Soren Bjornstad has a video describing his new, cleaned-up, TiddlyWiki-based, do-everything, Zettelkasten-building tool: tzk. Here’s the video: www.youtube.com/watch

It’s an hour long, but by the end you’ll forget you ever heard of Obsidian or Roam 😉