Upgraded to the latest beta of Monterey and look what happened. Real Tabs!

Image test. M-43 for lunch at HopCat

A quick test of Printing my Drummer blog

In 3 days no normal user will even notice the notch, let alone argue incessantly about it for a year, like we will.

That was fast. Drummer and Micro.blog (this post was published directly from a Drummer outline)

I think about this a lot

“Asleep? No, no, I’ve been up for a while, why?”

I’m no longer automatically cross-posting from the other blog to Micro.blog. It’s extra mental overhead I don’t need when posting. I want to not think about media linking, context, or just creating too much noise here. I’ll manually cross-post instead.

Preparing for a gear purge. This is going to sting a little. (full size).

Cool thing about large format is that there’s enough resolution to see the whisker shavings that had fallen on my shirt.

4x5 Self-portrait again

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing me that the solution to having too many cameras was to buy even more cameras.

Leica Summicron-M 35mm ASPH and Leica APO-Summicron-SL 35mm ASPH. The size difference between these 35mm f2.0 lenses is ridiculous.

Just gobsmacked by this talk from Sam Abell. I’ve long admired his photographs, but this might be the most photographically inspiring 2 hours I’ve ever spent. youtu.be/qYf9klvk8…

Of course I’m trying Dave Winer’s new blogging tool, Drummer. baty.blog/2021/drum…

TL;DR - oldschool.scripting.com/jackbaty/

We Need To Print Our Photos So We Have Something To Write On

You’ll only regret not doing this.


“In fact, in recent years I think Markdown is in use in far too many places where something truly WYSIWYG is called for.”

Agreed. Also:

“That’s the right way to do Markdown. Don’t hide the formatting characters; just style/color them.”

Also agreed.

If anyone is interested in a pretty special Leica M6, mine is for sale. It’s one of the last 10 “Classic” M6 made (1998). MP finder, all but 28/35/50 framelines have been masked. I’m going to hate myself for this.

For Sale: Leica M6 Classic

Always keep at least one eye on the birds


A pretty good intro to what Roon is and when/why one might want to pay for it. (Part 1): www.psaudio.com/copper/ar…

Found the little Audioengine A2+ speakers that I though I’d lost in the move. Tried them for the Mac Mini audio. Could they maybe replace the KEFs? Not even close. Whole different league. So now I have 2 sets of speakers on my desk, KEFs for music and A2s for computer audio. 🙄

I hate to admit it, but I’m not enjoying this season of Ted Lasso. I think it’s because of Nate. In The many betrayals of “Ted Lasso”, Nate’s arc is positioned as a reminder of how the real world functions. I know how it functions. I watch Ted Lasso to be shown something better.

It’s this sort of day.

Found the little Bolex 8mm (1960). I doubt I’ll be shooting any more regular 8mm movie film but it’s a fine little camera. “Genuine Morocco Leather” :).

Me. Newaygo, MI. (1982)

How I’m managing a local TiddlyWiki from all my devices. baty.blog/2021/mana…